Friday, September 13, 2013

NSA Brazil Spy Slides Decensored

Date: Thu, 12 Sep 2013 15:56:22 -0700 (PDT)
From: paulmd[at]
To: ronxyzzzzz
Subject: The rest of the the Geopolitical trends: censored slide
I am not bothering to encrypt this, for several reasons. 1) it was on Brazilian TV already. 2) I already posted this on Wikipedia. 3) I want to yank the NSA's chain, just a bit. 4) There's little here that will surprise anyone who reads the news, with the possible exception of what actually got published on O Globo's website.
The Fantastico broadcast itself actually reveals most of this slide. (in fact, you already have posted the some of the source images) There is an image of it shown on Greenwald's laptop. And there were closeups of certain areas. Using a combination of tools (video capture software, an image compositor to stitch the closeup pans, and a photo editor), and a talent for reading blurry text, I am able to reconstruct with full confidence all but 2 of the blacked items.
I have about 50% certainty of one of the remaining (the second) "Non State Organizations and Turkey on the World Stage", I think so partly because 1) the letters fit, and 2) the next slide. Which again Fantastico revealed a larger portion of in the original broadcast.
Feel free to post, if you like.
And yes, I'm the guy who wrote the new articles on OAKSTAR and STORMBREW on Wikipedia, which you should check out. There is information that is actually new. The slides were shown on Fantastico, but the tables and some analyses are mine.

Slide as published by Fanstastico: [Image]
Screen shot of slide by Fanstastico:

Slide as publised by Fanstastico: [Image]


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