Saturday, June 29, 2013

NSA Listening Post in Lynn, MA

Please see the following locations:
42.459719,-70.960455 -- Hibernia Atlantic Undersea Fiber Optic Terminal and Control Center. TB backfeed to DC.
42.459294,-70.960283 -- Cable Vault.
42.459597,-70.960769 -- Hibernia IEC Network Command Center, NSA Tap Point.
42.455607,-70.957586 -- Duct Work Under Median Strip. Ducts which contain fiber optic cables are buried just below the grass on this strip.
42.456710,-70.951755 -- Fiber optic ducts which continue under the grass median strip.
42.459865,-70.946763 -- FO cables turn towards the ocean, still hidden under grass.
42.459838,-70.943369 -- Fiber optic ducts in median.
42.456883,-70.936603 -- Fiber optic undersea cables are spliced into land-based cables here.
42.456314,-70.936025 -- Cables tunnel out into the ccean. A tunnel runs about 1500 meters out into the harbour, where it goes into a shallow trench and then out into international waters.

Various Related Stations in the area
42.367533,-71.083481 -- Cambridge Switch-Tandem. This is the Major link between the Lynn, MA facility and major centers such as Washington DC, Ft. Meade, etc.
42.356420,-71.054836 -- Verizon Major Switching Center.
42.365485,-71.063725 -- Department of Homeland Security. Massive eavesdropping center is located here.
42.360544,-71.060779 -- FBI Operations Center.
42.361353,-71.061402 -- Massive Verizon Switching Center. A very special place.
42.352720,-71.060889 -- Major ATT-Verizon Tap Point.
42.304653,-71.399740 -- ATT-Verizon NOC. Massive network operations center on second floor.
42.946752,-71.628629 -- Massive NSA Operation (New Boston Air Station, NH) near Boston. This is one of those secret places where intercepted calls are handled.

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